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Orlando Crane Rental Service

If you need an Orlando crane rental service, Sky Limit Equipment provides simple bare rental and additional services including hauling and rigging equipment, certified operators, and engineer planning services. During the engineer planning process, one of our specialists will configure detailed rigging designs and a 3D lift plan based on your project needs. Our goal is to assess your project on a lump-sum basis to maximize benefits and reduce costs.

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    Crane Company in Orlando, FL

    As the top crane company in Orlando, FL dedicated to the highest level of quality, service, safety, and results. Cranes are commonly used for heavy construction, loading and unloading freight, and manufacturing heavy equipment. Different cranes have different features and capabilities that are ideal for certain types of projects. We offer a large selection of crane rentals for different terrains, weights, and objects.

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    Crawler Cranes

    Crawler cranes are given this name because they have tracks, referred to as crawlers, which give them the ability to move on many different surfaces. These crawlers allow for heavier lifting and optimized mobility on the project site location. Crawler cranes are quite heavy and require a track system in order to function; this system does not allow for mobility between project site locations or the use of outriggers.

    Rough Terrain Cranes

    Rough terrain cranes are perfect for off-road construction because they have four tires that are made of rubber and can withstand uneven and rocky terrains, allowing for enhanced versatility and mobility. Additionally, outriggers can extend vertically and horizontally from the undercarriage to provide further stability. These cranes have a single engine to power both the undercarriage and the crane.

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    All Terrain Cranes

    All terrain cranes have more wheels than other types of cranes, allowing them the versatility of being able to travel off road as well as on public roads. These cranes are optimal for projects that require full mobility on both natural terrain and public streets. They are commonly used in pipeline installations and erecting structures such as wind turbines and concrete buildings.

    Heavy Haul & Transport

    Our construction equipment services include heavy haul and transport rentals for projects that require a little extra power. We can help you transport abnormally heavy objects and materials with ease! Contact our team to discuss project requirements and we’ll find the perfect rental for you.

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    Tower Cranes

    Tower cranes are the most commonly used type of crane and typically used for the construction of tall buildings. Tower cranes are fixed to the ground and can reach as high as 1,000 meters. Their lifting and loading capacity surpasses that of all other crane types, making them a popular choice for construction projects.

    Specialized Lift Planning

    Hiring a crane engineer gives you the benefit of identifying the right configuration of equipment that best suits your project. Engineers can see the entire process through from designing the 3D lift plan, planning how to transport the crane to your site, obtaining permits and clearance, providing rigging designs, and ensuring that the job not only gets completed efficiently but also safely. Contact us today for a consultation!

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    Specialized Rigging Services

    Our services include specialized rigging for projects requiring the movement of unusually heavy or awkwardly shaped objects that can’t be completed with standard gear. We have an extensive fleet of rigging equipment ranging from jack stands and stools to cantilever beams. During the consultation, we’ll discuss and evaluate your needs to locate the best crane rental for your project.